Municipal infrastructure gets people and goods moving,  provides safe drinking water, handles our waste, creates spaces for sport and recreation, and helps protect our homes against flooding and other natural disasters. It is the foundation that the daily life of Canadians is built upon. The strength of this foundation enables our communities and local businesses to grow, and ensures Canadians have a high quality of life.

The Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC) assesses the condition of Canada’s municipally-owned infrastructure to help decision-makers identify cracks in this important foundation, and inform solutions to address them.

This year’s report provides a timely update on the state of Canada’s public infrastructure across all core public infrastructure asset categories: roads and bridges; culture, recreation and sports facilities; potable water; wastewater; stormwater; public transit; and solid waste. It finds that the state of our infrastructure is at risk, which should be cause for concern for all Canadians. In order to change course, Canada’s public infrastructure will require significant attention in the coming decades.