Canadian Infrastructure Report Card National Tour

16 Cities, April and May 2016


Facts about our Municipal Infrastructure and Ideas to make it Sustainable

This spring, there will be a series of presentations in cities across the country on the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, organized by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.

In these one and half hour sessions, participants will learn about the process measuring the health of Canada’s infrastructure and provide some ideas for how we can engineer our infrastructure to make sure it can be sustained over the long term.

Interested in infrastructure? These sessions are for you. Please register for a presentation in a city near you. 


Guy Félio Guy Félio Ph.D, P.Eng., FCSCE, is R.V. Anderson’s Infrastructure and Facilities Management (IFM) Group Leader and an infrastructure management specialist. Dr. Félio has more than 30 years of experience in the area of municipal engineering and management as a university professor, researcher, consultant and policy advisor. During his career at the National Research Council, he led the Urban Infrastructure Research group, focusing on technological and management improvements such as InfraGuide. He was a City Councillor in Clarence-Rockland (ON) from 2010 to 2014. He authored the first Canadian Infrastructure Report Card published in 2012.

Nick Larson

Nick Larson MEPP, P.Eng. is a consulting engineer with GM BluePlan Engineering where he works with municipalities on a variety of asset management and infrastructure planning initiatives. Nick represented the CSCE on the Project Steering Committee (PSC) that developed the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. Through his role with the PSC, he helped to shape both the survey that was used to collect infrastructure data from municipalities, as well as the structure of the 2016 CIRC.